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Take 2: An introduction of sorts — July 29, 2013

Take 2: An introduction of sorts

Hello interwebz. This is yet another attempt to start a new blog. I have been contemplating starting a blog for days now, and I finally decided to take the initiative today. I had a plethora of possible posts running through my mind before writing this post, but now I can’t seem to remember any of them. Hmph >.< The brain just doesn’t like me.

Anyway, I was sort of inspired (spurred?) to start this blog because a friend of mines recently started blogging as well. There were a few things that delayed my initiation of this blog (lulz initiation). But in all seriousness, I could not decide which was better. The rather popular Blogger vs. WordPress debate was going through my head. I find Blogger to be a bit more user-friendly, but I’m sure I can teach myself how to use WordPress. I’m safer on WordPress because it is not directly linked to a Google account. None of my family members can find me on WordPress (unless they insist on stalking).

When I logged on to Blogger, I was confronted by a few old posts from an abandoned blog of mines. The posts were written about three years ago. As I read the little snippets of them, I was sitting there cringing in horror. Did I actually write that stuff? Why was I whining about school work so much? I suppose I will make use of my Blogger account somehow.

Ironically enough, I am in college now and have even more work to handle. Yet I don’t complain about it as much. I suppose 16 year old me just could not handle the stress.

I am running out of things to say now. I honestly wanted to write an introductory post before I start blogging about topics. This is not a blog about my life. You will not see a glimpse of my mundane lifestyle. Rather you will read about my opinion on certain issues, and you will get some snippets of my past, juvenile life. If you would like to read about my life, I tend to post snippets on tumblr and Twitter.

A simple hello would have sufficed, but I don’t do things that way. I like to elaborate, give you a little bit of background, and then say goodbye. Here’s to a new blog.

Most of this is from my Blogger introduction post, verbatim. In case you’re interested, this is my blogger account.