Hello, new post finally. I know I’ve been slacking so much. I didn’t realize how much I suck at time management until recently when all of my extra-curriculars decided to take time away from my studying and everything was just a big mess. (So yeah, moral of the story, I just fail at everything and anything. No, I’m just kidding, moral of the story actually is that I fail at time management so I’m kinda screwed) I actually have no idea what I want to write about in this post, so I’m just going to go with the flow.

I hate organic chemistry. Actually it’s not really that bad, my professor is just too smart for us. He starts drawing these structures/molecules (whatever you prefer) without explaining why he’s drawing them. I suppose I need to switch over to becoming a visual learner for just this one class. (I just took a really long break from writing this post to rewrite my orgo notes FOR THE THIRD TIME)

Another class, I’m taking is microbiology. It’s actually an interesting class (Even though I now do not want to touch anything without washing my hand like 5 times afterwards. Actually someone just buy me an autoclave so I can kill all the micro-organisms and actually be germ free). You’d be amazed at how sanitary (rather unsanitary actually, but don’t kill my sarcastic vibe) certain places are. So yeah if you really want to know about micro-organisms, feel free to not ask me because I just cringe every time they are mentioned. Though in all honesty, I do enjoy the class and my professor is such an adorable grandpa. 

There are other classes I’m taking, but they don’t actually matter much.

An interesting thing happened to me last week. I take two trains and one trolley to get to school everyday (Driving would so much easier. Someone plz find me a rich boy who loves me so much that he will buy me a car and pay off my student loans in the process). When I got on the trolley one day, I for some reason decided to ask the trolley driver if the trolley still went to *insert street here*. Why did I even need to ask that? It’s not like I’ve been taking the trolley for every single day (well almost) for the past year of my life. And then it happened. The trolley driver proceeded to tell me that I’m cute. I was rather scared and hyperventilating. (Mind you, the trolley driver was at least 35-40 years old and had a few front teeth missing and overall just gave me a scary vibe. And okay, it doesn’t help that I am super paranoid and have never actually been told I’m cute from someone of the opposite sex. Srsly, only my dad and uncles have called me cute because let’s be honest I really am the most kawaii person in my family).

I got off a few stops early and decided to just walk to my school and the trolley drive wished me good luck in school. Cue the guilt. I felt so guilty for thinking that he had bad intentions (Fine, fine the trolley was super empty too only like 3 people on there). This wouldn’t even be a problem if a boy had called me cute in the past. T.T Whatever I’m still #2cute4u.

But anyway, this incident has kinda increased the size of my head and ego because now I walk around believing that I am actually the cutest person you will ever meet. It’s not a complete lie though. I honestly am cute even if I’m not totally attractive. My voice is cute and my face is just so chubby (Seriously losing 40 pounds had no effect on my face whatsoever). I did need that ego boost though.

Until next time, stay kawaii plz.