Usually when I think of Insanity, I think of INSANITY as in the workout program. Oh man is that program one of the best workout programs ever. I must be a sadist because I truly enjoy that burn you feel by the end of the workout. Those sore muscles are totally worth it in the end. But that’s not what this post is about.

Recently, I have officially become an adult. I turned 18 a little bit more than a year ago (I am now 19). But I officially feel like an adult. Why? Because I am doing adult things now. (Please get your minds out of the gutter, I mean other things okay okay okay). I have an actual job that pays me. Now I get money in that empty bank account of mines. With the job comes battling school and work. It’s literally impossible.

I’ve been so cranky these past few days. I have stress from work and stress from school and stress from family. (So many stress, I need a clubbanger– BigBang reference the band, not the show) Is this how adult life is? Is this what adult life is all about? Of course right now it’s crazy because I’m balancing school and work (work study doesn’t even count right now). Ugh, life is so difficult.

Am I a sadist though? Because I really enjoy this stress that I get BECAUSE I AM BUSY FOR ONCE. I actually have something to do at all times. Of course this means no time for Kdramas, but I can marathon them all at once eventually.

The one thing I HATE about this new life of mines is the adults that surround it: from professors (a certain Pharmacy professor, I’m looking right at you) to a certain job manager, I’m going crazy. They just don’t seem to understand that I have school. I mean when I applied I was told that since I applied to be a student intern they would be more flexible. Such lies mentioned during that interview, such lies. Obviously, professors won’t be flexible.

And then there’s those future employers. They want to see you do EVERYTHING. They want you to be involved in school, have a job in a pharmacy so that you have experience, good grades, and be an overall well rounded person. Life can be so difficult sometimes. 

Maybe this is just hard for me because I’m new to it. I don’t know, but all I know is that I’m stressed out like crazy nowadays (and sleep deprived, super sleep deprived. coffee everyday 24/7 yo)