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#thestruggle — November 23, 2013


Day by day, I slowly near the magic 2-0. By that I mean there’s only a few more months left until I turn 20 (6 months). Yet here I stand at the crossroads between my teen years and future adult years completely confused with life. (oh btw, i really didn’t mean to not blog for a month. Honestly I had back to back exams and no inspiration to write a blog post).

What exactly does being 20 entail, though? No one believes you’re mature enough to be called an adult, but you’re too old to be called a teenager. So you’re pretty much just at this awkward phase in life struggling to get through college and struggling to find out what you do with your life. (I am way too mature for my age, I just look like I’m 15. But my actions kind of make me seem older than I am). 

And now I completely forgot what I was supposed to write because my friend distracted me. 

Give me a few moments to collect my thoughts again.

I still can’t remember.


What is this? Why does this always happen?

Okay, bye.