Hello again everyone! I highly doubt I still have followers on my blog, but I don’t really know how to check. My tumblr has followers LOL, but I suppose that’s updated regularly. Although, right now, my tumblr is graced by the presence of Chris Evans (as Captain America of course, no nsfw stuff on there ok). But um… sorry I’m getting distracted. 

You know what upsets me the most, I think of all the things I could write in a blog post, and then I forget just like that. (srsly brain, what’s wrong). 

School this year was HELL.Terrible, grades are such a joke. Overall GPA is still pretty high, but other than that this year was terrible. But then again, higher education nowadays is pretty much a business. They use marketing ploys to suck you in and make sure you stay there for good. First year was incredibly easy, I watched dramas after coming home and would still get A+ in class. Only one class I got a B+ in and that was microeconomics. Business, money, pshhh. Brain does not compute.

(Wow the grammar in this entry is terrible, but it’s an update….of sorts)

Oh can I share my current song obsession? (Lulz, who am I asking of course I can) Well actually it’s a whole soundtrack, the Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani soundtrack is the bomb yo. I’ve been listening to it for six months now, and it’s fabulous. Still amazing. And Deepika is flawless (still not as flawless as my queen, Priyanka). I also love the song Main Rang Sharbaton Ka from the movie Phata Poster Nikla Hero. Amazing song, sung by my bby Atif Aslam (11 years of fangirling, congrats bby from having a baby boy and getting married!)

I don’t what else to write, just know that I will start blogging again. School (and work) prevented from blogging for a few months. But I’m back (hopefully with a bang).

P.S. For new readers, my sarcastic and random thoughts are always in parentheses and usually italicized. Might as well bring some humor to this blog, eh?