Ayo, let’s crank out a blog post in the 17 minutes I have until 12 PM after which I have to partayyyy. Sorry, I’m trying to retain the humor on this blog because lemme just tell you, the previous few posts have been so unfunny and just ugh. I thought working made me lose my humor. I mean you are stuck in a single room in the hospital for 8 hours and being in a hospital just sort of detaches you from the world. Once I leave, I’m literally just like “I CAN SEE THE LIGHT” with a little bit of “IT BURNS!!”

Wow see, I cranked out funny in one paragraph in 3 minutes. Woooo, funny Komal: 1, boring Komal: 0. Let’s celebrate wooo. Oh yeah, did you know I turned 20 last week. It’s a pleasant experience so far. My back hurts, stomach hurts, allergies galore. This is what 20 must feel like. Oh did I mention lack of sleep? (I am being sarcastic in case you didn’t realize).

I got a panda cake for my birthday. My fatass I decided to eat three pieces of it because it tasted so good. In my defense though, it was two small pieces before leaving and then one medium piece when I cut the cake. My preceptor made it for me, and I still wonder why I was made a cake. Though, the gesture was much appreciated. It was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me (which is really sad if you ask me. Twenty years of life and the nicest thing someone has done for me is making me a panda cake). I mean he probably spent hours making the panda and it was adorbs. Cutest cake ever.



ISN’T IT ADORABLE THOUGH? (You know how I said I would edit this post…well yeah, not happening. The beauty of blogging is that I don’t have to really edit anything. These imperfect posts with terrible grammar are good enough.

People at work have decided that I am too quiet. Seriously EVERYONE has been saying that. Do I seem quiet from my blog posts? Especially this post, like I am totally hyper and excited for some reason and just happy and everything. (In the next hour, I’ll return to being angry old me.) My life is work right now because school’s out (scream and shout–isn’t that what the High School Musical song says). But most of the people at uni suck anyway. Well, let me clarify, they don’t suck they’re just boring. LIKE BE FUN FOR ONCE (I’m one to talk. I’m the boringest person evaarrr).

Okay my blogging happily spree is coming to end because it’s almost 12 PM now. WOOO.

FINALLY A FUNNY BLOG POST THO! amirite or amirite?

Oh and the title is this little song that the pharmacist was singing yesterday. I promised her I would yell frustratedly one day. So many unkept promises.

I’m just covering up the sad I’ve been feeling since yesterday.