Jaane kaise log the jinke, pyar ko pyar mila (I wonder how those people were whose love was met with love)

– Hindi film lyricist, Sahir Ludhianvi

The above quote is from some old Bollywood film, but that’s not how I came to know it. I came to know it through (*drum roll please*), my new Pakistani drama obsession, Pyaray Afzal. I don’t know how this post will turn out, but there will be verbal diarrhea and spoilers. I wish some of my readers (and let me just tell gurlfran, I have low readership lulz) understood Urdu because that quote above sounds so beautiful in Urdu. Urdu is such a beautiful language; it’s the language of the poets in my opinion. It’s such a pure, romantic language. 

Anyway, sorry to go off on a tangent. That happens often, right? The drama centers around the character, Afzal (Hamza Ali Abbasi, the actor who plays Afzal, is so fiiine, mashallah. I thought he was greasy looking, but he’s growing on me slowly. I’m probably just in love with his character though.) He’s lovelorn and innocent (I would use naive, but innocent describes him perfectly). This might sound loserish, but apparently he writes love letters to himself, but we’re never clearly told that it is him who writes the love letters. He gambles and smokes weed, but despite all his shortcomings, he still loves his family and is initially extremely innocent. I AM IN LOVE. You have to watch the drama to realize why I fell in love with the character. 

Anyway, he eventually falls in love with a rich girl who doesn’t love him back. Poor guy is heartbroken (and so am I). His love is unrequited (and so is mine). (no I am not in love with anyone. I fall in love with characters, but never people. My heart is already weak; I don’t think I could handle heartbreak.

I really wanted to write about the quote. I mean, don’t you ever wonder how people feel when they are in love? How they feel when their simply liking someone is returned with love? Sometimes, I feel like I’ll be saying that quote my whole life. Maybe I’m too stone-hearted to ever fall in love. Though I’m a hopeless romantic, I don’t know if I could ever fall in love. I don’t know if I could love unconditionally. But worst of all, I won’t be able to make it past the heartbreak.

Humne toh jab kaliyan mangi, katon ka har mila. (When I asked for flower petals, I was given a necklace of thorns)

-Hindi film lyricist, Sahir Ludhianvi

Ugh such depressing quotes. BUT IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL WHEN YOU HEAR IT. Listen to the title song, that’s where those two quotes are from.

Woh bohat khubsurat hai Yasmeen, magar tumse zyada khubsurat nahi hai. (She’s very pretty, Yasmeen, but not as beautiful as you.)

-Pyaray Afzal (drama on ARY Digital)

That’s what he said to the second female lead who fell in love with him. DID YOU NOT JUST MELT INTO A PUDDLE OF GOO? My heart hurts.

If you want to watch the drama, go ahead. The hopeless inner romantic in me always enjoys a good heartbreaking romance. After all, it shows everything which I cannot have, might as well live my life through drama characters. 

I mainly wanted to share the two quotes from the title song. While watching the drama, I heard him say the last quote and just melted. Tomorrow (or rather in the near future) I will post a “Ramadan Reflections” post.