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Alter ego — September 3, 2014

Alter ego

I originally wanted to title this blog post “pseudonyms”, but I thought that alter ego makes more sense.

As I was logging into WordPress, I realized that my entire online identity is based off something that randomly came to me. I’m talking about my username- kamomal. Almost everything I post online has been under that username. Essentially, my internet identity is kamomal and not Komal. My Twitter, instagram, and former tumblr accounts have all been under the name kamomal.

It makes me wonder though. Is this the identity I have created for the internet? Maybe kamomal, in its essence, reflects my true personality. Komal would never voice her opinions or discuss some of the things that kamomal decides to write on here.

Or maybe, just maybe, kamomal is the persona behind which Komal feels the most comfortable. It’s the persona that reflects her true personality. It’s a persona she can hide behind and should anyone stumble upon her blog, they won’t believe it’s Komal. Kamomal allows me to voice my opinions and share my feelings. It’s the crack in the wall that Komal has built which reveals some secrets to the world.

(this makes no sense. It’s my 12am thoughts talking. I’m getting sleepy but I want to type up a quick post)

I came up with the username kamomal on a whim. Not even kidding, but I sat there trying to come up with a better Twitter username than “tht_grl13” and kamomal it was. It’s been six years since kamomal has been a part of my online persona. I love the username because it’s unique and quirky. It also resembles the name Komal.

I’ll be twenty five years old and still be known as kamomal to the internet. And you know what? there’s nothing wrong with that.

Now that I reach the end of this post, I realize that it is me going on and on about a username wtf. I swear there’s nothing wrong with me except maybe anxiety and depression. I’m also sleepy but I really wanted to let the world know about my thoughts on kamomal.

Till then, dear readers, stay kawaii and quirky ^^