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A poem for the future — October 2, 2014

A poem for the future

I was feeling a bit lovey dovey recently (Wtf, Komal, lovey dovey. jfc.) I’m usually cold-hearted and not emotional and stone-faced and well you get the point. So I wrote this poem (below). No, I am not in love with anyone. (LOLOLOLOL me being in love….quasi. quasi means “as if” in Latin according to my high school Latin teacher.) I don’t know what inspired me to write this poem. It was written over a span of two or three days, so it starts off strong and then ends up becoming weak. Regardless, read it below.

My love for you is like the chimney fire,

Providing warmth and comfort from the outside,

The world that is cold and harsh.


My love for you is like the winter snow,

Glistening in the moonlight,

Blanketing your world with beauty.


My love for you is like the April showers,

Watering the lush fields,

And allowing flowers to come into bloom.


My love for you blossoms into flowers.

It shines brightly like the sun,

Drying up any tears left from before.


My love for you is the summer sun,

Providing warmth and light,

Protecting you from any harm.


My love for you is the summer breeze,

Slightly cool, but still warm,

Rekindling the sparks we both feel.


My love for you is like the colorful leaves.

Each one with a unique charm,

Piling up together to create comfort.


My love for you is like the fire that burns,

Warm enough to maintain the passion,

Warm enough to comfort you.


My love for you surpasses the four seasons.


My love for isn’t perfect,

But it’s enough to keep the fire ablaze,

The sparks flying,

And we remain together for eternity.

Being in love must be a wonderful feeling. The inner romantic in me thinks so. This is written from a guy’s perspective because for some reason it’s easier to write that way. I hope you like it.

filler post because not feeling any blogging lately