I’m gonna write a lot of things today, so be ready. Also, hello after a long time. This is my first (in real time) post that I’m posting in over four months. The other posts were timed to go up just so it seemed like my blog was active. Those posts were also pretty half-assed except the poem, but yeah enough of that. Today I have a lot to talk about, so let’s just get started.

After every semester, I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulder and I feel free. It’s great really. I don’t have to worry about 24/7 perpetual stress and studying. I also have more time to workout and do stuff. It’s fantastic. I have a few more years left of school, but then I’ll be getting the D, the PharmD (get yo mind out da gutter, ya nasty). Who knows where life will take me then? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

About the semester: it was my first official year in pharmacy school. The last two years were undergrad/pre-req years which I paid like a crazy amount of money for just because I was in the 0-6 program, when I honestly could have just completed my pre-reqs somewhere else and then applied into the program but oh well what’s done is done. (I’ll still complain about it tho, deal with it).

I got into a car accident the day before Thanksgiving because I wanted to look purty at the wedding I had to attend that weekend. I was going to get my haircut, and I should have waited since it was snowing/sleeting/rainy/crappy weather in general, but I didn’t. All I remember is me slamming down on the brakes at a reasonable distance but the brakes just wouldn’t stop the car, and then boom I crashed into the car in front of me and hit them from behind. This resulted in me getting a ticket and two points on my license. And because it was the week before finals, I really didn’t have time to go to court and argue my way out of it. Now before any of y’all think I was speeding or something, nah qurl I wasn’t. It was actually kind of traffic jam situation thing, so I was probably going 25 mph max. I guess the accident had to happen so it happened. Did I mention it was a three car accident? Yeah, just my luck. Although in my defense, I only hit one car, but I was driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee and that thing is so freaking huge and heavy that even at a low speed the impact was pretty forceful.

The wedding I went to was okay. I mean I guess I expected more from it, but I really shouldn’t have. For some reason, Muslim girls are so freaking conservative that they refuse to get on the dance floor, so my self conscious self was like “no i can’t dance bai.” Even though on the inside, I was going full force bhangra if you know what I mean. By the end, I was like eff it cause the DJ said it was the last song of the night so I went on to the dance floor and bhangra’d it out yo.

And now, on a more serious note (side note: I really wish my friends were more into current events because really the only people I can discuss these things with is my parents and brother. Like literally all of my friends don’t like keeping up with current events. Some of them do, but it’s like you can’t discuss as much with them cause they’re so busy.). As you read above, I am Muslim. Therefore, I hate that I have to say this because the world is stupid enough to lump all Muslims under one category, but I DO NOT AND WILL NOT CONDONE THE ACTIONS OF ANY OF THESE EXTREMISTS HIDING BEHIND THE NAME OF ISLAM. I am from Pakistan, specifically Karachi. Today, over 120 children (total death toll so far is 145, with 132 of those being children) were murdered by the Taliban. I am deeply saddened by this news. Those children had a future goals to accomplish; they had parents looking forward to them coming home. They had a whole life to live, but it was cut short by savages of the worst kind. They were killed because they were sons and daughters of army officers. They were killed because they were receiving an education. They killed in a petty act of revenge that destroyed the lives of many. It is absolutely disheartening to hear about this. I am glad that the world condemns this action. I am glad that there are people who are realizing that not all Muslims are extremists. In fact, 99% are far from that. But I am also saddened by the fact that day after day people are wreaking chaos and havoc.

Yesterday it was the siege in Sydney; today, Peshawar. I dread to think about the future. This world is too cruel. Everyday you hear about something terrifying and horrendous. It’s either a boy beaten to death by his stepfather and mother who decide to have sex while the child lies in pain or some idiot shooting and killing children. It’s happening all around the world and IT NEEDS TO STOP. I just pray that it stops soon.