This is something new I wanted to try out. I know this blog mainly serves the purpose of venting and sharing my thoughts, but I also wanted to do reviews of certain products that I buy or share OOTDs. This is the first post that’s beauty/fashion related. Please let me know on what could be better in future reviews.

When I went to Pakistan, the one thing I really wanted besides the amazing food was a Medora lipstick. Medora has been around for such a long time. My mother received Medora lipsticks as part of her “beauty box” during her wedding. I saw reviews of Medora lipsticks online and thought they were wonderful. Being 21, I am just starting to get into the habit of wearing lipsticks. Now that my face has matured lipstick doesn’t make me look like a 12 year old playing dress up anymore haha.

In total, I bought 4 Medora lipsticks from a store near my nani’s house called Hydri Super Market. Each lipstick was 99 rupees, which roughly equates to about 99 cents! This means I got 4 amazing lipsticks in less than $5.


While each box says “matte lipstick”, not all the shades are matte. The ones I bought were matte, but there was this one color that had flecks of glitter in it, but the lady at the counter was still saying it’s matte. I absolutely hate shimmer lipsticks, so I stuck on strictly matte rule. The four shades I bought were Demure, Hint of Pink, Coffee, and Rose Berry (see below).


I love all four shades, but my favorite color has got to be Coffee. It looks so good on my skintone. It’s very similar to MAC’s Chili, but it’s slightly lighter with a more brownish tone. It’s a gorgeous shade of red. I like having dark lips, but I’m not entirely comfortable sporting bold shades. These lipsticks are perfect because I can add on or just apply one coat of lipstick and call it a day.


The above picture is taken without flash. The shades (from left to right) are Hint of Pink, Demure, Rose Berry, and Coffee. They look different swatched on my hand, but when I wear them on my lips, it’s a completely different color. I think that’s due to the fact that my lips are naturally dark and pigmented. Another thing that’s great about these lipsticks is the fact that they work with Desi skintones. The biggest problem I have hear in America when buying lipsticks is finding a color with the right undertones to match and look good on my skin tone. It’s really hard to find lipsticks formulated to work well with yellow undertones, but these Medora ones are perfect.

These are all single coats. You can see how pigmented these lipsticks are. The only color I haven’t worn is Hint of Pink. My least favorite color is Demure because it looks like a weird bubblegum pink on my lips. Another problem I had was that one of the lipsticks was actually broken, so I had to go and exchange it. I don’t know if that’s common with Medora, but it’s the first time that’s ever happened to me with lipstick.

NOTE: I know I should show how these lipsticks look on my actual lips. I did intend to, but my camera battery died. I will try my best to show those swatches later, but no promises.

I wish I could have bought the entire collection they had at Hydri Super Market, but sadly I limited myself to only four. I also had a limited amount of money that night, so I had to divide it amongst the other things I bought from there.


Pros: Highly pigmented, works well with skin, stays on for at least 6 hours (that’s the longest I’ve worn it), inexpensive!!

Cons: Very strong waxy smell, packaging could use improvement, not creamy so need to wear chapstick underneath

Overall Rating:  4.5/5 stars

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This was my first review, so please let me know in the comments what I did well and didn’t do well. I would love to hear feedback. Until then, au revoir.