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Why does everyone care so much? — May 24, 2016

Why does everyone care so much?

I received my Bachelor’s degree the other day. That doesn’t mean I’m done with school; I have two years left until I receive my PharmD and become a pharmacist. But apparently in Desi culture receiving your Bachelor’s signifies eligibility for marriage. So there’s that, and quite repetitively that’s what I’ll be writing about today.

If I haven’t made it clear before, I am not against the idea of marriage, even arranged marriage. I want to get married and have kids more than anything in the world. But I want to approach the issue in a halal way (aka Muslim aka Islam approved). I’m a semi religious, semi conservative Pakistani girl. Yes, I’ve been raised in America, but I never agreed with the American culture of dating around until you find the one.

Now, in order to approach the topic the halal way, I have to talk to my parents about it. And that’s the most difficult part. No matter how close I am to my parents  (very close btw), it’s always difficult to bring it up and talk to them about this matter. What do I tell them? Do I go, “listen I know I have 2 more years left until my PharmD and I want to do a residency, but I also want to get engaged”? It’s so simple to write it out, but it takes a lot of courage to actually say it.

Then there’s the fear also. What kind of boys (erm, men rather) will be sent my way? What if they’re too old? What if they’re too paindu? What if my own heart is broken? What if there’s someone more perfect and I’m just going to settle for someone now?

I’m so particular when it comes to everything. Decisions I make on a whim result in disastrous outcomes. This decision is the rest of my life. And I’m only 22, so what’s the rush?

There’s also the fact that I’m just tired of being alone. Yeah, yeah feminism and you don’t need a man to feel (insert stuff here). Feminism is supposed to accept all beliefs. Okay so back to the main topic, I feel alone. There’s something a significant other gives emotionally that a parent or friend cannot. It’s hard to explain, but the emotional support from a SO is vastly different from that of a friend.

I tried to talk to my mom about this once, but she didn’t seem interested. She kept ignoring my questions and the conversation didn’t move forward. I also got very angry with her for ignoring me because who else will I talk to about this stuff? Friends, yeah, but if I want to take this major step I need my mother to help me also. But she doesn’t provide that support. It’s as if she doesn’t even want me to get married.

Sorry went off on a little tangent there. But this is how I feel and the pressure from everyone is too real. It’s my life, but everyone’s concerned about it.